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I have a degree in education and am a former teacher. I have volunteered in after school programs such as science and drama clubs. I have served on school councils and committees in Tennessee and Utah. I have spent the past 10 years as a school community council member for Draper Park Middle School, Oak Hollow, and Sunrise Elementary. I am passionate about educating our children. I believe we are strongest in our children’s pursuits when we work together as parents, teachers, administrators and families.

Together, we are Stronger!

Simply put, we work better together. We have an amazing opportunity in Utah for local representation at every school. A school community council is almost like a mini school board at your school. School community councils are comprised of parents, faculty and administrators. The council’s purpose is to reflect the values, needs and priorities of the families they serve. School community councils write plans to allocate funds upwards of $180,000 through Land Trust and TSSA plans and address the many issues and needs of their schools. The more parents we involve in these programs, the stronger our students, community and schools will be. I believe we can do even better at educating parents how, why, and where to get involved. I want to encourage more parents to become a part of their SCC, even if it means just being an active participant in the meetings. Parent and caregiver involvement is key to successful schools and successful students.

Why I'm Running


After years of serving on local school community councils and attending district and state school board meetings I have become well-acquainted with the needs in our schools. I believe I can help our children and our schools by serving in a greater capacity. I would like to help strengthen Canyon’s approach to individualized education. We can ensure all learning groups are included in our programs and our funding. We can ensure all students have pathways for success in their neighborhood school. We can strengthen our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics programs. I believe we can also strengthen our School Community Councils with better training and systems. Finally, I would like to ensure that our children are taught the skills they need to navigate their online world. We can do this by increased funding in the digital citizenship curriculum. Our children need to be taught they are responsible for their personal devices and that the choices they make with those devices have great impacts. I understand every school is different. I am excited that each of the schools in my district are schools my children have attended. Oak Hollow, Willow Springs and Corner Canyon High School. I know decisions need to be tailor-made for each of them. I invite you to contact me at any time to discuss your concerns and ideas for your school. For example, Draper Park Middle School is overcrowded and we are adding portable classrooms every year. Draper is continuing to grow, and West Draper will expand greatly once the prison has been moved. It is time to secure a plan for another middle school.

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Passion for Innovation

Our current students are the most digital literate generation to come through our schools. Many of our children's community experiences happen online. It is vital we help our students see the value of being active in our communities. We can also help kids strengthen their interpersonal skills. Children need to be taught to be civilly minded. It is our responsibility in our schools to teach our students what being a good citizen means. Children can be taught to serve in their communities, participate in local and national elections, use technology to become educated, and to behave responsibly online. I would like to see a new curriculum and half year class created at the 6th grade level. This would be a Digital Citizenship class and would be required. I think it's important our children are given the tools they need to navigate their online world. Online can be a very dangerous place for a young child. We need to teach them how to be safe, happy, and responsible online. Schools can show students how to respect others and what it means to be a good friend in this digital age. We can help our children become exemplary citizens who will lead our cities and states into the 21st century.

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Preparing Students

We can strengthen our science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics programs. Canyons District can always be cognizant of how best to help our students be competitive college applicants. We can strengthen our honors programs at the middle school level and better sustain our Dual Language Immersion program as well. Our students should have access to the latest developments in computer science, data analysis, mathematics, technology, music, and art. We can and should bolster our elective course options in our middle and high schools. We can also give options like extra math and writing labs for students who need more time in those subjects. Together, we can meet the needs of every student and prepare them for a bright future.

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Work Better Together

The school community councils are a big part of our schools. I would like to encourage parents to attend these meetings. I also think we can establish greater checkpoints in our councils to be sure they function as intended. Additionally, we should create a district-wide webpage where SCC’s from neighboring schools can share their information with each other.

Looking for more reasons to smile?

It has been a privilege for our family to serve the greater Draper and Sandy communities in our orthodontic practice. As many of our patients know, if you want to talk about your school experience, you have a captive audience! I have loved the opportunity in our office to hear about your School experiences and concerns. If you would like to know more about our family click Here

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